The Attitude of Eachother


Posted in Attitude, eachother, maturity, Writing by Michael Atallah on September 8, 2007

I guess I’ll start off by introducing myself with a simple question. Is the idea of maturity overrated and in need of an overhaul? I currently work as a literary translator for an author in Brasil. He happens to be my uncle and close friend, the best one can have. This man, this oddity Atala-Atala just wrote me an e-mail today about his new thought process as he writes his 10th book. Title to be kept under wraps of course. So he writes me this email telling me that I remind him of one of the characters, Leeb. In his brokenly brilliant English this is what he had to say – mind you his spelling is also unique and reaching:

when i tipe the (book title omitted) always i think about you.

what i see, coming from you and the characters i created is the
omission, the “no” to the maturity.

to dont loose the inocence.

i have a boy named LEEB and i see you in this character.

(in arabic leeb is toy)

i understand you. the denay to the maturity.
you’re right…. is a big shit.

dont get mature


That gave me such a peaceful feeling. Being 27 is hard enough with so much expected of you. And when you finally start to  confidently share to people that you have decided to write full time, they look at you and shallowly ask, “ohh, so about what?” It even ended a relationship with a brilliant and amazing girl because it just seems to risky to be a writer these days.  She had other expectations of me and I don’t blame her.  I am 27, and I guess in some way I have to make an impression on parents to give them peace about who their daughter is involved with.  But why?  I don’t cause trouble.  I just believe in this; and tell me something new that will magically transform me into what you expect out of me. Especially when I fret about selling my soul.
Thank You and welcome to my world.


Boris Collage


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