The Attitude of Eachother

When it just couldn’t be

Posted in Blame, Fear, Friendship, Loss, Love, Parting, Sense by Michael Atallah on September 8, 2007


It settles with out a blame,
yet comes like a cold rain.
I notice nothing but weary winds,
blowing through the grassy fields.
Nobody can understand, I am here…
I know what was done, but I was scared.

Hurting you was instilled in the long road,
had nothing been said.
Yet it was, over
through your fears I saw my flaw.

Fear not, this will pass.
Far not, this will resolve.

The tender pain is matched with your understanding.
The frequent sound of your voice,
the elevated thoughts of the way it should be.

I hit my pillow knowing I can’t,
I felt like I was in my own movie, unable to control…
to bestow upon you a sense of security.

I Love you truly,

You are the only one.


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