The Attitude of Eachother

Hyper realism

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on March 24, 2010

When my cousin came to visit me in Los Angeles a couple of years ago he introduced me to a film director from Taiwan called Ming Ling.  We then continued by watching one of his films titled Goodbye Dragon Inn (Bu Sa). It’s a story despite what many general viewers would argue. It encompasses one moment in time, the last screening on the last night the movie theater (Dragon Inn) would be open. The ticket collector, a woman, searches for the projectionist to bring him a steamed bun. A blue suit man-whore seeks out a homosexual encounter. The janitor goes through all the rows in the theater tidying up, obviously a feeling of despair on the eve of his unemployment. The sensation reminded me of a Haruki Murakami novel – sweet, distant and on the brink of personal evaluation. There are no lines and the shots hold longer than conventional cuts. We’re peeking in not invading.
Inspired by this kind of filmmaking I set out to make a little meditative piece while living in San Clemente California. I took a camera to the sleepy train depot and shot this little vignette revolved around waiting for the train. A Korean man paints the side of his coffee shop. A young man sits listening to his ipod. People lightly gather on the platform, there is stillness. Then, next thing you know the consequence of this anxiety arrives. People board, the Korean man relaxes and the train sets out. Resetting the platform for a new wave.
I found the most appropriate music for this display was that of Brian Eno: Music for Airports. A sensation of waiting yet engaging in the moment comes together in this composition.


Don’t forget to take a look at the developments on the plastic expedition across the North Atlantic. Refer to to see the clip from sea.


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