The Attitude of Eachother

Visual Palette #1

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on March 24, 2010

Months before I started this project which has led me to Rotterdam I cut up a little story reel to show my friends and future collaborators. It’s a mixed drift peeking into several projects I have been involved with. My first film titled Beginning Babylon took over 2 years too shoot ending finally in Rio de Janeiro where my cousin Joao and I set out to get as much coverage as possible. It was a terrific opportunity to film with him in Rio, a city I love so much. We both share a deep sentiment for civil aviation so the luck we had filming at Santos Dumont airport couldn’t be any better – you can just go right up to the runway and howl right along side the burning turbines landing and taking off. Another collaborator, Ash, and I are working on a meditative montage portraying the city of Los Angeles as a harmless monster longing for a new vibration. Being an LA native coupled with Ash’s origins in France I felt the perspective would be interesting to say the least. Once I return from Europe we’ll be setting out to get more shots and I’ll most likely cut up some more samples of what we have acquired so far.

Another collaboration was with Richard Chiu and his webseries creation that deals with a dreamer determined to live out his life as an interviewer.  He encounters many nouveau obstacles living in contemporary Los Angeles that hammer down on his naivety and will to “make it”.  I was brought on to Direct the first 5 pilot series and had an incredible time learning about telling a story with a shorter and more general viewing format.

I found just the right song to blanket these emotional images. I needed as much emotion as possible to pack into faces drifting off into nothingness. It’s in those moments that fascinate me the most about people. Those tiny moments when someone goes off and makes a decision, either conscious or subconscious. A mark that we are constantly moving along a river that will never stop flowing within a blue sphere circling around a great ball of fire. Things are moving faster than ever and to celebrate the natural condition to look outside of time I present you this Visual Story Reel.


Don’t forget to follow my updates on this blooming plastic expedition. I am currently in the home of founders of Enough Room for Space
organizing hours and hours of footage from the cross Atlantic plastic research expedition.

Music – Light Song by Cranes
Media – Panasonic Hpx-500, Dvx-200, Canon Hdv 30


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