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A quick look into a quest for plastic

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on March 30, 2010

Plastic Ocean teaser from Boris Collage on Vimeo.

Looking abast aboard the Sea Dragon

As we speak two Cape Verdians are sitting in a late nineties model SAAB across the street.  I’m up in the attic here at my dear friend’s Maarten and Marjolijn’s home in Rotterdam going through the hours and hours of tape of an expedition I’m still trying to wrap my head around.  There was very little prep time for me since I was called to get on a boat in Bermuda 2 weeks prior to launch.  A first for me… and to top it off the launch would result in 17 days crossing the North Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the winter time.  I know I have been intending on getting some therapy since my mother passed last year, but never would I have expected on January 15th that I would soon be on a 22 meter sloop bound for the Azores.  So much for therapy… The ocean took care of that.

Plastic Ocean teaser from Boris Collage on Vimeo.

Here is a fragment of what I have been through… along with 12 other freaks determined in what they do.  My kind of demented personality type can feel at home with.  One would think that spending 16 days on a sailboat would stir some cheap and short sighted tension.  Not a drop.  The collective consciousness on the voyage was comparable to walking into an island bar at the right opportune time to catch the last bit of Chic Corea on a fall evening.  Nobody spoke english on that Island…


The music selection for this piece is inspired by the soundtrack management of Wes Anderson.

I. Sven Libaek – Shark attack theme

II. Mark Mothersbaugh – Ping Island/Lightening Strike

Plastic Ocean teaser from Boris Collage on Vimeo.


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