The Attitude of Eachother

I slipped into Lisbon

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on March 30, 2010

(There is a second part to this clip. It should be up and color corrected in a few days or so.)

bicha na chuva

There was something to say about that morning. It was the end of a 10 day stay on the Island. I worked on the footage in the galley, went on insane dinghy rides, sped around the island like a loose fugitive and nurtured good ties with some incredible people I can now call friends. That last morning I remembered waking up filled with tension, melancholy , apprehension, doubt and an incredible sensation of peace all at the same time. I didn’t want to get off that boat and no way in hell was I going to spend another day on that island without the bastard docked on the pontoon. It was as if it were a girlfriend in a distant love affair. The last morning before she flies back to her respective coast.
Sea Dragon was due to launch 3 days prior to this video clip. Each morning for those 72 hours I would lie in my bunk hoping there was a holdback, and there were. That final morning the Kiwi second-mate Dale said as he was brining in the dinghy “Wiir outta’ heir”. I was half awake standing at the dock chuckling at the goofy site of him motor back to the boat holding a lukewarm cup of coffee in his free hand. I didn’t blame the guy, the vessel had to carry on. Faial was cold and wet and they were bound for Rio. I don’t even want to go into describing what the sensation would be like had I filmed that leg. To come under the Rio-Niteroi bridge looking at the Sugar Loaf across Guanabara bay as if I were some Italian immigrant pulling into Ellis Island in 1936. There was no time on that morning. I was going with my instincts. Lisbon was waiting for me. I had to get to Rotterdam!


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