The Attitude of Eachother

earlier that day.

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on August 20, 2010

earlier that day., originally uploaded by boriscollage.

We headed to venice beach before our dip into the Nevada desert. Flying down the 405 out of San Clemente quickly I thought of a side route to grab the highway 1 and give them some eye candy along the way.
Once I merged onto the Century blvd. off ramp a gorgeous 777 was in final, and I mean final, decent onto the north runway at LAX.
Obviously this isn’t it, but the sensation brings me back to that moment. The moment when I saw the white steel bird stamp a karmic message flying meters above our heads.
“This is going to be a perfect summer.”

Shot on HVX 200

Thanks Ash, Ryan and Audrey for being part of it.


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