The Attitude of Eachother

Lunch with God

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Standing at the corner of a busy intersection in downtown Rio de Janeiro. A typical day for Atala, thoughts racing with the speed of his metropolitan environment. The heat is sweltering, air thick and the worries weighing him down. A moment any responsible human being is all to familiar with. Suddenly an awkward looking man joins him at his side. Once the signal turns our adventure begins…Lunch with God is a personal account that takes us through a transformation. It evokes the magic powers settled within each and every one of us, desperately wanting to be awakened and put to use. Time in this story is portrayed as an object of our dismay, and the only way to accept our magic powers is to understand time away from a mere measurement. Our magic powers depend on this new concept of time and everything in this universe. We are all connected, existing interdependently with one another. Atala emphasizes this order. Lunch with God is an invitation for all who dare to see our universe as a simple miracle.

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