The Attitude of Eachother

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Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on December 11, 2011

I’d look into the early 20th century Russian vanguard of Supermatism with respects to the alignment of post modern thinking through the square. Other than that, this is a bathroom in a loving home I had the privilege to spend Thanksgiving and my birthday. East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was 2010 and I was a couple of weeks away from setting out for Rio de Janeiro. Days after this photo was taken I wrapped up my assignment in New York, darted across the continent to San Clemente, packed, then took a flight to South America.

Stay tuned to this site for further reading on my bizarre stories threaded with love, loss, lessons and cinematic storytelling.

white on white


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  1. Michelle Tackabery (@mktackabery) said, on January 10, 2012 at 12:15 am

    Can art be experienced randomly? Maybe. I’m not sure stories can be. I’m troubled by that film of theirs; by any “art” that takes seven paragraphs to explain. I think the curse of post-modernism is that “art” is meaningless without its accompanying commentary. We have to read the instructions to “get it.” While the images in the film might bring about the transcendence sought in the Fourth Way, the film as a whole, it seems to me, fails as art. But at least it’s sponsored, right?

    There’s no transcendence or catharsis experienced with such objects. They become more bits of noise in an world over-crowded with such bits, stuffed to the gills with explanations, because we can’t see, or feel, or know anything directly any more. We’re sick to death from overexposure to imitation experience. Gurdjieff would hate that shit.

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