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Cameras available

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael Atallah on December 24, 2011

A dear friend of mine is auctioning off her camera collection for a really good cause. Here is an inventory list. Sorry, no prices. Inquire within. Have a great Holiday close to 2011.

Agfa Solinette II German camera with leather case
Mercury II Universal Camera Corp with leather case
Gold Crest Light Meter in case with strap
MVP plastic camera Rohlik specialties company with Impac manual electronic flash – flash never used still in packaging
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic Camera R4 with 3 boxes of flashcubes – 3 cubes per box (4 flashes/cube) (has manual for camera)
Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A
Pocket Kodak Model No 1 or 1A in original box with manual (dated 1929)
Kodak Brownie Camera – No 2A Model C, date on inside is 1925
Kodak Brownie Cameras – No 0 – date on inside is 1916
Kodak Duaflex II (may not be selling)
Small Kellogg’s cereal spy cam (may not be selling)
Kodak Brownie Movie Camera Model in original box with manual
Bell & Howell Super Eight Perpetua Autoload Optronic Eye 8mm Movie Camera model 311 with leather case
Voigtlander Jubilar
Polaroid Automatic 215 Land Camera with manual in attached case
Vanguard Spartus with flash attachment (no bulb)
Kodak Brownie Starflash Camera Dakon Lens with case & manual
Kodacraft metal printer model a & 2 trays & bulb (not sure if complete?)
Polaroid Land Camera Model 95B with lens kit, flash attachment, manual, case
Newer cameras:
Nikon OneTouch 100
Samsung Maxima Zoom 80Ti
Continental Color-Flash 250S
M35 AFZ Super Zoom 90 (may not work?)


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