The Attitude of Eachother


My name is Michael Atallah. I am a filmmaker and currently working on a series of academic short documentaries based around plastics settling into our eco-system. This project began this past January, 2010. With little to no preparation I was hurdled into a small yacht club in Hamilton on Bermuda Island. There I met 12 people, freaks mind you, all preparing to embark on a cross atlantic mission to hunt plastic. What they do with this plastic intrigued me from the very beginning. I am going to dedicate a majority of this blog giving up to date conseqences of my accepting this insane project. I can’t really call it a documentary, but it is documented. A maiden scientific expedition in Oceanographic history.
My craft in writing has been built around an author by the name of Atala-Atala. As his translator, nephew, companion and accomplice I must openly declare my complete inability to describe this person. All I can say is that I learned a great deal from him and now I’m on this trek with no guarantee of a ticket back from where I started. Such is life and the road we’re on.


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