The Attitude of Eachother


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by Boris Collage

I’ve been working on the post production of a documentary and had to make my way into the sultry post-summer desert to pick up new material. Las Vegas. This wasn’t a Vegas freak out trip, more of the cut along the edge of town stay low-to-the-ground and stick to business kind of vibration….[continue reading here SparkJam (San Francisco)
(I shot this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada)


Security Camera.

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Latest visit

It’s been an ongoing thing with this security camera housed in an undisclosed bar 30 Kilometers south of Los Angeles. Ever since my cousin and I discovered it back in 2007 I have always visited its possibilities. Security cameras have a distinct language when plugged into a context of observation. I could just sit and stare at security footage for hours, imagining the strangest things arise and disappear. Anonymous, very anonymous. Sometimes when I go to a grocery store or one of those big wholesale mega stores, I imagine what the mundane looks like through the cameras hanging above – and wonder what it would look like had a horse walked by the dairy section. Or take an airport environ; the endless potential. Anything, and everything is possible when it comes to security cameras. Some find them threatening, and rightfully so – I suppose. Yes, they come off as creepy floating orbs potentially turning a world view into a dark offensive theory. Yet, why look at it like that?
Using security camera footage as a comedic canvass isn’t anything new or cutting edge. Guy Ritchie and Tim Maurice-Jones decided to run the Rabbi introduction in SNATCH through the eyes of the security camera, a decision that left a deep mark in its potential. I think the guys at Jackass used it to screen a person dressed in a panda costume existing in a normal mundane environment, waiting in line. It makes the random so acceptable.
This past summer a mob of us took the streets and had a San Clemente freak out. Once we came into the undisclosed bar my cousin and I brought up the security camera gag. Like wildfire the rest of the crew wanted in. While staging the photos someone took offense to what we were up to (I admit its bizarre behavior) – at one point he wanted to take a swing at me; I was not explaining a damn thing to the drunk bastard. I mean, it’s a pretty elaborate process, especially when the bar is packed – which gives the overall effect more juice. I can only imagine what someone would be thinking: freaks running in and out from the bar, laughing and pushing people out-of-the-way. Yet, once key people with a healthy sense of humor catch on, you should see the amazement on their faces. We’re turning an offense into a laugh. Nothing new, just keeping the torch of comedy burning even in a small unassuming bar.

Here are a couple of examples of that specific security camera. I wish I could tell you the name of the bar, but, I’d like to keep it a secret.

Here is a film I shot in the SECURITY CAMERA vernacular while waiting for my flight in Amsterdam (Schipol International Airport: 3am)

I want to stay

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Sly and the Family Stone

Now looking at this cover I can’t help but think about some kid at an elementary
school down the street from where the photo was taken. But thats just a bit to deep
into my own self curiosity. I caught the song “If you want me to stay” on seeqpod thinking of a person whom I love so dearly. I had to run a post of the song lyrics and a little nod to this jammin’ funk soul combo.

I’m thinking Larry Graham right now, the man and his central station. Man these were some funky cats laying down the poetry and the FUNK!!! Please stop me if you think these people, along with a wide stock of ahem: Stanley Clarke, Ron Carter, Boostie, and Mr. George Duke, didn’t know how to rock you into a frenzy. I’m serious my dear reader, listen again for the primera vez, hear the bass guitar tear you apart. Good for breakup music, episodes of self-pity, and the usual case of what happened to the times…?

I leave you with these lyrics that can best describe how I feel…

If you want me to stay
I’ll be around today
To be available for you to see
I’m about to go
And then you’ll know
For me to stay here I’ve got to be me

You’ll never be in doubt
That’s what it’s all about
You can’t take me for granted and smile
Count the days I’m gone
Forget reaching me by phone
Because I promise I’ll be gone for a while

When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person that you really are now
You got to get it straight
How could I ever be late
When you’re my woman takin’ up my time

How could you ever allow
I guess I wonder how
How could you get out of pocket for fun
When you know that you’re never number two
Number one gonna be number one

I’ll be good
I wish I could
Get this message over to you now
When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person you really are no
When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person that you really are now
I’ll be so good
I wish I could
Get the message over to you now.


Please please please!!!!!