The Attitude of Eachother

Oh, Still.

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Dan Knishkowy is a philosophy student at Hamilton college. I met him at the Angel Deradoorian show at the Opus café. Hamilton College. He opened up for her. This clip was shot somewhere in the grey area between Clinton and Utica New York. 25 degrees, hands numb and snow trickling down. Enjoy.


Rufus Corporation

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I’d look into the early 20th century Russian vanguard of Supermatism with respects to the alignment of post modern thinking through the square. Other than that, this is a bathroom in a loving home I had the privilege to spend Thanksgiving and my birthday. East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was 2010 and I was a couple of weeks away from setting out for Rio de Janeiro. Days after this photo was taken I wrapped up my assignment in New York, darted across the continent to San Clemente, packed, then took a flight to South America.

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